Güneş Hukuk
Real Estate and Constructıon Law
Real Estate and Constructıon Law
  • Contracts relating to buying and selling real properties 
  • Researches regarding the actual and legal situation of the real property within the framework of preparations prior to projects focused on real properties
  • Supervision of projects in which there are reserved public domains
  • Counseling and representation regarding foreigners’ acquirement of real properties in Turkey
  • Preparing every kind of contract that investors and owners of real properties need during buying and selling a real property and providing legal advice regarding legal problems arising at practice stage
  • Providing counseling service in fields of leasing law and settlement of conflicts by means of peace or lawsuits
  • Establishing mortgage proceedings
  • Counseling service regarding building permits, management planning and arrangements
  • Preparing international and national construction contracts, settling conflicts arising from tenders and finance and construction contracts
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