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Which documents are necessary to marry in Turkey? Print
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Dear readers! Many of you are wondering how is the procedure of marriage in Turkey is carried out. In this article we will try to highlight this issue in detail. And so, let's list what documents are necessary to be married in Turkey.

Birth certificate (apostille stamp is required). In Turkey, it is necessary to make a notarised translation.
The document from the registry offices in your country, which proves that the foreign national is not married. This document should also have an apostille. This document must also be translated in the notary in Turkey.
Passport translation certified by a notary. Apostille is not required.
Report on the state of health (Sağlık raporu). Health certificate must be obtained in one of the clinics in Turkey.

How to legalize marriage made in Turkey in your country?
In order to legalize marriage made in Turkey, you must contact the nearest consulate of your country in Turkey and provide the marriage certificate, received in Turkey (Evlilik cüzdanı).
Spouses have the right to choose the property regime and make up the marriage contract in Turkey either before marriage, or after it.

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